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NEWS: One Fish, Two Fish... - 2/9/2011

Now that the dreamhost site is setup I decided to play with PHP editors on the Mac. So with that said I read around about different open source editors, and found one called Bluefish.

I installed it and have been playing with it, but found it didn't have an FTP/SFTP feature in it. I didn't feel like getting a separate program for FTP so I did some hunting around for a solution.

Knowing that my host allows SSH I went down the path to see if I can mount an SSH connection as a drive on the macbook, and found a cool utility from google called macfuse. Installing that, and a program called macfusion allows you to easily mount an SSH connection as a drive from an interface instead of command line.

Long story short is that I can now edit my website directly from Bluefish which is pretty handy. Click here for a short write up on how to do it.

NEWS: Distractions - 12/14/2010

So I picked up COD: Black ops (or CoDBlops as a friend called it), and it is a decent game. It most definitely brings out the "cranky" side of me though as did Modern Warfare 2, and Halo 3 before that. Something about shooters makes me easily start spouting expletives at my screen.

On top of that I have recently taken on a higher workload, so that has been taking up some extra time.

So those are the current distractions. I am posting here as a plan to try to pull my self back in to working on the website. We will see if it works. In the mean time I am thinking of what I want to do with PHP on the site. In class we worked on a login area, so I may pull that in just to play with it, but why the heck would I need a login on the site? I guess that is what I need to figure out next!

NEWS: And I'm Back - 11/18/2010

Setup a new dreamhost account to easily move my PHP files for the site over as opposed to taking the time to port everything over to wordpress. So now I have a place to play with some PHP tests, and jump into it a little more like I have been talking about for years. It does help that I have a PHP class under my belt now so we will see if I can do anything interesting here :)

NEWS: More time spent, no posting :) - 12/10/2009

Apparently time flies when you are super busy at work. I have been swamped for the past 6 months and have been spending my time lately chilling out by playing Modern Warfare 2. In between that and normal life I have also been playing Trials HD (on the 360), Borderlands, and I have purchased Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, but really haven't put much time into it :P

The posting should pick up some more again soon, and I will probably start tweeting again soon as well. Going to see if I can keep it up for 3 months and make it a habbit :)

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